7 BEST Bottle Openers For Bartenders [Buyers Guide]

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Joe | Last Updated: November 12, 2023
I'm Joe, a veteran bartender with over a decade in the industry and a burning passion for mixing drinks.

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Whether you’re a veteran bartender, a complete rookie, or just an enthusiast looking to level up your home bar setup, a reliable, efficient, and stylish bottle opener is an essential tool in your arsenal.

From popping off beer caps to pulling out stubborn corks, a high-quality bottle opener can make your job significantly easier and more enjoyable.

It’s the quiet co-star in the artful performance of mixology, and having the right one can transform your experience behind the bar.

After mixing, shaking, and uncapping countless bottles, I’ve concocted a list of the 7 best bottle openers for bartenders that will transform your bottle-opening game.

From sturdy and practical to sleek and stylish, these bottle openers are praised by professionals for their efficiency, durability, and design.

So if you’re in the market for a new bottle opener, stick around as you’re in the right place!

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1. ABarABove Wine & Bottle Opener

ABarAbove is one of our all-time favorite brands for bar tools and for good reason. Their products are premium yet affordable and the founders are professional bartenders, so they know the pain points that we deal with.

The Compact Wine Key Corking Tool by ABarAbove is an excellent choice for bartenders because it offers versatility, efficiency, and durability – all in a sleek, compact form.

Its ability to open various types of bottles, including wine, beer, and champagne, reduces the need for multiple tools and streamlines the bartending process.

The nonstick corkscrew facilitates a smooth, clean removal of corks, avoiding the common problem of cork fragmentation that can affect drink quality and presentation.

Not only that, but the in-built foil cutter also provides added convenience, eliminating the need to switch tools mid-task.

The compact size also allows for easy storage and portability, making it a practical choice for busy bartending environments.

If you’re looking for a quality, durable bottle opener that will last you years to come – this is the one for you.


  • Multifunctional design for wide-ranging bottle opening
  • Nonstick coating for smooth cork opening
  • Compact and portable
  • Built-in foil cutter
  • Durable and sleek design


  • Requires manual cleaning
  • Might require occasional lubrication for smoother performance
Top Pick
Wine Opener | Bar Accessories - A Bar Above.com
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2. Beneno Wine & Bottle Opener

The BENENO Wing Corkscrew presents an ideal blend of design innovation and durable material, specifically engineered to meet the demands of the busy bartender.

This corkscrew, crafted from 100% zinc alloy, is not only corrosion-resistant but also exceptionally durable, ensuring longevity even with heavy use.

The all-in-one design of the BENENO corkscrew, featuring a built-in bottle opener, caters to a wide range of bottles, whether they are sealed with caps or corks.

This versatility makes opening bottles a breeze, saving space and time by consolidating multiple functions into one tool. A standout feature of this tool is the mechanical gear, which centers the screw and prevents slippage.

This design innovation simplifies bottle opening and reduces the risk of mishaps during busy shifts. The sharp-edged screw minimizes the chance of cork breaking and crumbling into the wine, maintaining the quality and presentation of the drink.

Nobody wants cork crumbs in their wine, least of all paying customers.

The lifetime assurance provided by BENENO adds another layer of reliability, ensuring that bartenders can depend on the product and receive support or a replacement if needed.


  • Crafted from 100% Zinc Alloy for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  • The all-in-one design makes it versatile
  • Mechanical gear helps to keep the screw centered
  • Sharp-edged screw minimizes cork breaking and crumbling
  • Comes with a lifetime assurance


  • The complexity of its mechanical design might require more maintenance compared to simpler, more straightforward openers
  • Might be slightly heavier due to the use of zinc alloy, potentially affecting portability and ease of use for some bartenders
Best Premium
Wine Opener, Zinc Alloy Premium Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener
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3. Hicoup Wine & Bottle Opener

The HiCoup Wine Opener is one of my personal favorites as it’s a thoughtfully designed tool that combines style and practicality, making it a great fit for bartenders.

The opener is characterized by its sleek wooden handle and durable stainless steel body, ensuring a sturdy grip and long-lasting use.

The ergonomic design significantly eases the cork removal process, reducing the effort needed and eliminating common issues like hand cramps or cork breakage.

If you happen to be a senior bartender or someone with weaker wrists, this is the perfect option for you.

The double-hinged fulcrum is a standout feature, allowing for maximum efficiency and providing extra leverage for easy cork removal.

This design is particularly helpful for bartenders who have to open numerous bottles during a busy shift, making the task less strenuous. The built-in serrated foil cutter also enhances its utility, offering a seamless all-in-one solution for opening bottles.


  • An ergonomic design offering easy cork removal
  • Durable stainless steel body for longevity
  • The double-hinged fulcrum for maximum efficiency and easy cork removal
  • Built-in serrated foil cutter for an all-in-one solution
  • The elegant design makes it a great gift option


  • The wooden handle, while stylish, might require more care than its metal or plastic counterparts
  • May not be as compact as some other types of bottle openers
Hicoup Wine Opener - Professional Corkscrews for Wine Bottles w/Foil Cutter and Cap Remover

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4. Pop-the-top Beer Bottle Opener

The Pop-the-Top Automatic Beer Bottle Opener is a fantastic tool for bartenders, especially in high-volume establishments.

This opener stands out for its simple yet innovative design that allows for quick and effortless bottle opening. The bartender simply places the device on the bottle, presses down, and the cap is removed instantly – it’s as easy as that.

Bartenders can benefit from this tool’s efficiency, which allows for rapid service even during peak hours. In addition, its small, lightweight design makes it portable and easy to store, offering convenience in busy bar settings.

Trust me when I say this bottle opener is FAST, and I mean fast. It’s also super fun to feel the satisfying click when the cap comes off.

It’s super durable, capable of withstanding the wear and tear of daily use. However, it should be noted that this device is designed specifically for beer bottles and may not work with corked bottles.

Whilst it is a little gimmicky, it’s a fun product that will turn a dull bar into a playful one. It’s also an amazing gift and perfect for any home bar setup.


  • Simple, innovative design for quick, effortless cap removal
  • Ideal for high-volume environments
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Durable for long-lasting use


  • Specifically designed for beer bottles; not suitable for wine or other corked bottles
  • The automatic mechanism may require occasional maintenance to keep it in optimal condition
Pop-the-Top Beer Bottle Opener (Black)
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5. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener

If you prefer quantity over quality, this 3-pack of heavy-duty bottle openers has got you covered!

Designed with stainless steel, this opener guarantees durability and longevity, able to withstand the rigorous demands of a busy bar environment.

Its flat design makes it not only compact and easy to handle but also incredibly portable – a crucial feature for bartenders who need to move around the bar swiftly and efficiently.

The simplicity of this tool makes it highly suitable for professional bartenders. It can easily open a wide range of bottles, making it a great addition to any bartender’s toolkit.

And the inclusion of three openers in the pack offers a great backup option or allows for a multi-station setup in larger bars.

However, it should be noted that these openers, while excellent for capped bottles, may not be suitable for corked bottles like wine.


  • Made of stainless steel for durability and longevity
  • A compact and portable design ideal for fast-paced bar environments
  • Versatility in opening a wide range of bottles
  • The package includes three openers, providing a backup or allowing for a multi-station setup


  • Primarily designed for capped bottles; may not work with corked bottles
  • Lacks extra features such as a foil cutter or a corkscrew
  • Basic. Nothing special
Best Budget
3 Pack Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener
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6. Imsafarell All-in-one Digital Display Bottle Opener

This BBQ Thermometer with Bottle Opener is a fantastic tool that brings a unique combination of functionalities, perfect for bartenders involved in outdoor or grill-centric establishments.

As a dual-purpose device, it serves both as a highly accurate digital food thermometer and a durable bottle opener, making it a practical addition to any bartender’s gear.

Perfect for summer drinks around the BBQ.

The standout feature of this tool is its versatility – it effectively caters to the food and beverage aspects of serving. Bartenders working in environments where food preparation and beverage service go hand in hand will LOVE this bottle opener.

The digital thermometer allows for precise temperature readings, ensuring perfectly grilled food for customers, while the built-in bottle opener handles all beverage opening needs.

There’s nothing quite like burgers and a beer in the summertime, and this bottle opener caters to both.

However, its unique dual functionality might not be necessary in a traditional bar setting where food preparation is not a bartender’s responsibility.


  • Dual-functionality: serves as a digital food thermometer and a bottle opener
  • Ideal for outdoor or grill-centric establishments
  • Waterproof design ensures durability in various environments


  • The digital thermometer functionality may not be necessary or useful in traditional bar settings
  • Larger and less portable than a standard bottle opener due to the inclusion of the thermometer
Meat Thermometer Digital, Waterproof Instant Read Food Thermometer for Cooking and Grilling

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7. Kitchenado Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

This Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher is a great option for bartenders working in a fixed location or in bars with a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

It provides an easy, hands-free solution for opening bottles – just pop the bottle onto the opener, and the cap comes right off.

The most striking feature of this bottle opener is its built-in magnetic cap catcher. This is an incredibly practical feature for bartenders as it saves them from the hassle of collecting and disposing of bottle caps manually, allowing them to maintain a clean and orderly work area with minimal effort.

Made from durable wood and metal, this bottle opener is designed to last, making it a good investment for any bar.


  • Easy, hands-free operation
  • Built-in magnetic cap catcher for maintaining a clean and orderly bar
  • Durable wood and metal construction


  • Exclusively designed for capped bottles
KITCHENDAO 2 in 1 Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener
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What To Look For In A Bottle Opener

Choosing the perfect bottle opener might seem straightforward, but there are a few factors you should consider to ensure you’re making a choice that fits your specific needs and preferences:


A bottle opener should be tough and robust, capable of handling repetitive usage without wearing down or breaking.

Look for ones made from sturdy materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic.

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The design of a bottle opener can make a significant difference in its functionality. It should be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Some people prefer the classic design, while others might opt for a multifunctional tool that combines a corkscrew, foil cutter, and beer opener.

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If you’re a professional bartender, you might want a compact and portable bottle opener that can easily fit in your pocket. However, for home bars, a larger, more decorative piece can add a touch of style.

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Ease of Use

A good bottle opener should make your job easier. It should open bottles effortlessly and smoothly, without requiring too much force or causing spillage.


While functionality is vital, a good-looking bottle opener can also serve as a conversation piece and reflect your personal style. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, from sleek and modern to vintage and classic.

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As with any tool, you get what you pay for. While there are plenty of budget options available, investing in a high-quality opener could save you money in the long run as it will likely last longer and perform better.

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Do bartenders need a bottle opener?

Yes, bartenders absolutely need a bottle opener. It’s an essential tool for efficiently opening various types of bottled beverages, such as beer and wine, ensuring smooth service and a great experience for patrons.

Without a reliable bottle opener, a bartender’s workflow can be disrupted, leading to potential delays and dissatisfaction.

What bottle opener do bars use?

Most bartenders that work in bars commonly use speed bottle openers, also known as poppers or bar blades.

They’re simple, durable, compact, and designed for rapid, efficient use, making them ideal for busy bartending environments.

Is a bar blade the same as a bottle opener?

Yes, a bar blade is a type of bottle opener. It’s specifically designed for speed and efficiency, which makes it popular in busy bar environments.

Bar blades are flat, elongated pieces of metal that can easily slide into a pocket, and they have a simple yet effective design to pop off bottle caps quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap folks! I truly hope you’ve gained some valuable insights into finding your perfect bottle opener and now have some amazing options to choose from.

Each of these seven fantastic bottle openers stands out in its own right, boasting qualities that suit varying styles, needs, and preferences.

Remember, the right bottle opener is not only about efficiency and functionality. It’s about finding a tool that matches your rhythm, feels right in your hand, and complements your bartending style.

Whether you’re an old hand behind the bar, a newcomer learning the ropes, or a home mixologist looking to enhance your toolkit, the ideal bottle opener can make your life easier and your work smoother.

So, choose wisely, invest in quality, and here’s to popping bottles with ease and finesse!