Bartending Part Time: Everything You Need To Know

bartending part time
Joe | Last Updated: November 24, 2023
I'm Joe, a veteran bartender with over a decade in the industry and a burning passion for mixing drinks.

If you’re looking for a part-time job that allows you to meet new people from all walks of life, develop your social skills, and have a sprinkle of fun, bartending may be the perfect fit for you.

It offers flexible working that promotes a healthy work-life balance, social interaction and networking opportunities, as well as the opportunity to skyrocket your confidence and communication skills.

Bartending is much more than simply serving drinks, it’s a profession that can transform quiet introverts into social butterflies and allows for a level of creative expression that isn’t found in most careers.

So whether you’re a student that’s looking to fund your studies, a professional seeking a side hustle, or someone who’s simply curious about the industry and wants to give it a try, bartending part-time opens up a world of possibilities.

No matter your previous experience, this post will walk you through everything you need to know about bartending part-time, from how to find part-time gigs, the pros and cons of part-time bartending, and whether or not it’s a good side hustle.

Let’s get cracking…

Can I Become A Part-Time Bartender?

Absolutely! You can certainly become a part-time bartender. Regardless of your experience, there are establishments all around the world looking for dedicated and enthusiastic bartenders to join their teams.

So long as you have a can-do attitude and the desire to learn the skills needed to bartend, there is no reason why you can’t succeed as a part-time bartender.

If you do have some experience, even better. Perhaps you’ve worked in the hospitality sector or have customer service/sales experience, this will give you an advantage when it comes to securing a job.

Part-time bartending is a flexible alternative to full-time work that allows you to pursue other interests or maintain a work-life balance.

Many bars operate during evenings and weekends, making it an ideal fit for those that have other commitments or do not want to work full-time.

It’s perfect for students that are looking to earn some extra cash on the side of their studies and those that are interested in bartending but don’t want to fully commit and leave their day job just yet.

The good news is that there are part-time bartending jobs available in abundance all around the world, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to try your hand at bartending if you really want to.

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Can Bartending Be A Side Hustle?

Yes, bartending is an excellent side hustle, especially on evenings and weekends when bars are the busiest and require extra staff.

With flexible working schedules that can fit around most full-time day jobs, this makes bartending an ideal side hustle for those that are looking to earn a little (or a lot) of extra cash.

Bartending has a low barrier to entry, so even if you have little to no experience in the industry, it’s still likely that you’ll be able to find a bartending job quite quickly, especially if you have transferable skills or related work experience.

bartending part time
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Customer services, sales, retail, or any other work experience that involves working directly with customers will be a huge advantage when it comes to finding a bartending side hustle.

But even if you have no work experience at all, hiring managers for bartending roles are usually more focused on the attitude and personality of candidates, so it’s still possible to get hired.

So if you are someone that’s considered bartending as a side hustle, don’t be afraid to give it a shot, especially if you have some related work experience or a passion for service.

It could be a fun and exciting way for you to bring in some extra cash, and you never know, you may come to love it!

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Reasons To Become A Part-Time Bartender

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider bartending part-time, from being able to dip your toe in the industry without fully committing, to earning some juicy side income and much more.

Working as a part-time bartender allows you to earn money while still having time for other commitments, making it the perfect choice for those that are studying or looking for a side hustle.

The flexibility offered in bartending is amazing and is one of the true perks of the job.

Often you’ll have your daytime all to yourself as you won’t start work until the late evening.

This gives you time to run errands, maintain your gym routine, and catch up with those fun-employed friends that are always seemingly free for activities during the day.

Another great aspect of part-time bartending is the social side. It’s a job that will have you talking to people from all walks of life, and this will help you gain perspective and grow as an individual.

The job really takes you out of your comfort zone at times, which isn’t a bad thing.

bartending part time
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Meeting customers from different countries and cultures is awesome, and the development of interpersonal skills whilst bartending (even part-time) is monumental.

Bartending can quite literally turn shy and timid people into social butterflies and completely transform all aspects of their life, including their dating life!

One of my favorite aspects of working as a bartender is that it’s a profession that is pro-self-expression and creativity.

Bartenders are free to be their true selves at work which makes a huge difference to their overall happiness. They can choose to express themselves in any way they like, including having long beards, cool tattoos, or piercings.

There are endless reasons to work as a bartender, and if bartending is a profession you’ve fancied having a crack at, going part-time first is a great way to try it out.

What’s to lose?

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Pros & Cons Of Part Time Bartending

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Meeting new people– Can be high-stress at times
+ Flexible work schedule– Often work weekends and late nights
+ Learn new skills– Physically demanding
+ Lots of job opportunities– Limited career progression (sometimes)
+ Great earning potential– Inconsistent income
+ Fun and fast-paced environment– Difficult customers
+ The perfect side hustle– A physically demanding job
+ Try out bartending without fully committing
+ Variety of work environments

How To Find Part-Time Bartending Jobs

When it comes to finding part-time bartending jobs, you’ll be glad to know that they are plentiful in most cities throughout the US and around the globe.

So how do you go about getting one?

One of the most effective ways to secure part-time bartending jobs is by crafting a resume that outlines your experience and skill set and then handing it out in bars and alcohol-serving establishments.

Once you had the resume printed out, physically visit the bars and establishments you wish to work at and ask if you can leave them your resume.

This allows you to briefly pop in and chat with the staff or hiring manager and allows you to give a first impression that increases the chances of an interview.

Dress smart, smell nice, and be polite.

barman pouring beer
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Remember, it’s not just bars and nightclubs that hire part-time bartending staff, it’s golf clubs, casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and much more.

This allows you to distribute your resume far and wide and increases the chances of being hired, just mention no the resume that you’re looking for part-time work.

Another excellent way to find part-time bartending jobs is to search on job boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Monster.

This allows you to refine your search by using the filter options and allows you to search for the establishments that are actively hiring.

Both of these methods have worked well for me over the years, but I’ve personally had more success by physically handing my resume to bars.

A combination of both methods is best.

Wrapping Up

Even if it’s to give the bartending industry a try or to earn extra cash from a side hustle, bartending part-time, is a great way to develop your existing skills and have some fun while doing so.

With so many part-time jobs widely available all around the world, it’s no wonder why so many people are coming into the industry thanks to the many perks the job offers.

While bartending part-time may not be for everyone, it offers a range of advantages that make it an attractive option for many individuals.

So whether you’re a student, a working professional, or someone simply seeking a flexible schedule, bartending part-time may be the perfect way to fund your studies or take that financial pressure off.

Give it a try. It might surprise you!

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