Mixing Drinks 101: Can You Mix Beer And Wine?

can you mix beer and wine
Joe | Last Updated: September 24, 2023
I'm Joe, a veteran bartender with over a decade in the industry and a burning passion for mixing drinks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a serious beer lover – Birra Moretti, specifically. That crisp, refreshing taste takes me right back to a sun-drenched piazza in Italy.

Now, as intriguing as beer itself is, today, we’re answering a question that’s not often breached in casual, let alone serious, alcohol-related conversations: Can you mix beer and wine?

This unconventional idea might have you wondering if I’ve had one too many Birra Morettis already. But let’s not rush to judgment just yet.

The age-old adage, “beer before wine and you’ll feel fine; wine before beer, you’ll feel queer,” might ring in your ears, but as adventurous bartenders, isn’t it our job to push boundaries?

So if this combination has ever crossed your mind, stick around as in this episode of our mixing drinks 101 series we’re going to explore the possibilities of mixing beer with wine.

Let’s get into it…

Can You Mix Beer And Wine?

The short answer is a resounding ‘yes’. While it might seem a bit strange, or even audacious to some, blending these two drinks is entirely possible and, in some cases, can lead to some surprisingly delicious results.

This might come as a shock to those who’ve abided by the rule of never mixing grape with grain, but some people swear by a dash of beer in their wine.

Just like with any cocktail, the trick lies in finding the right balance of flavors. Some beers might pair well with certain wines, and others might not.

It’s about experimentation and finding combinations that work.

can you mix beer and wine
Photo by Terry Vlisidis

I’ve tried this mixture a couple of times and have to say it wasn’t so bad, but the results will depend on the type of beer and wine you use.

I tried a dash of red wine in my Morretti and it was surprisingly tasty, but keep in mind that by adding wine you’re bumping up the alcohol content so if you’re not careful you could end up in deep waters quickly.

Granted, this combination won’t be for everyone, but if you are intrigued about mixing beer and wine, feel free to give it a shot.

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What Happens When You Mix Beer And Wine?

Mixing beer and wine results in a blend of flavors that creates a unique tasting experience. The outcome largely depends on the specific types of beer and wine you choose.

For example, a dark, rich beer combined with a light, crisp white wine could create a balanced, medium-bodied beverage. On the other hand, a full-bodied red wine mixed with a light lager might yield a drink with robust flavor and a lighter feel.

The alcohol content also changes when you mix beer and wine. Generally, wine has a higher alcohol content than beer, so a cocktail that combines the two will usually have a higher alcohol content than beer alone, but less than wine alone.

The texture of the final product can be a bit strange at first. The typically smoother texture of wine combined with beer can result in a drink that’s not as heavy as beer can sometimes be, yet not as light as wine.

It takes some getting used to but if you get the mixture right and are someone who enjoys both wine and beer on their own, you could be onto a winner!

Carbonation plays a role as well. Most beers are carbonated, so when mixed with wine, which is typically still, you might end up with a drink that has a subtle fizziness.

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Is Mixing Beer And Wine A Good Idea?

If you’re someone who appreciates both beer and wine, experimenting with mixing the two can open up a whole host of flavors and experiences.

Select combinations might even surprise you with how well they work together, creating a unique beverage that can add a twist to your usual drink selection.

BUT, it’s not for everyone.

For instance, if you, like me, enjoy savoring your beer and a nice glass of wine separately, keeping them separate during a night of drinking can be the best way to appreciate the unique characteristics of each.

After all, each beverage has its own richness, depth, and array of flavors that can be savored individually.

If you drink in moderation and keep in mind the alcohol content when mixing beer and wine together, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

But as always, drink in moderation and take it easy. Nobody wants a double whammy hangover from mixing too many drinks together.

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Can Beer Be Drank With Wine?

Yes, beer can be consumed with wine, but if you’re considering doing this, the order in which you drink them can be important.

A common saying you might’ve heard is “beer before wine, you’ll feel fine; wine before beer, you’ll feel queer.” Although there’s no strong scientific evidence to back this up, some people do adhere to this guidance based on their personal experiences.

This saying suggests that you should drink beer before moving on to wine in a single session. This might be due to the difference in alcohol content between the two – beer usually has a lower alcohol content than wine.

can you mix beer and wine
Photo by Frank Luca

Starting with beer allows your body to process the alcohol at a steadier pace before moving on to the stronger wine.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these rules aren’t foolproof. Overconsumption of alcohol in any form can lead to feeling unwell.

I’d recommend sticking with either one during a single drinking session or if you do want to mix, only consume wine after beer and not the other way around.

This will keep you on the safe side, and for precautionary measures, you should also consume A LOT of water in between drinks to stay as hydrated as possible.

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Final Thoughts

The truth is, there’s no definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Instead, it’s a highly personal decision, influenced by your taste preferences, your sense of adventure, and your understanding of your alcohol tolerance.

While it’s entirely possible to mix beer and wine, creating unique cocktails that offer a fusion of flavors, the enjoyment of such concoctions is purely subjective.

Some people might discover a newfound love for these hybrid drinks, while others, like myself, might prefer savoring the distinct tastes and aromas of beer and wine separately.

If you’re intrigued by the idea, remember that balance is key. Consider the flavor profiles of the beer and wine you’re mixing and how they might complement or contrast each other.

Always bear in mind the increased alcohol content that comes from mixing these beverages and be sure to drink responsibly.

Give it a whirl, you never know it could be your new favorite drink!