Mixing Drinks 101: Can You Mix Jack Daniels With Coke?

can you mix jack daniels with coke
Joe | Last Updated: September 24, 2023
I'm Joe, a veteran bartender with over a decade in the industry and a burning passion for mixing drinks.

Welcome to another episode of mixing drinks 101, where we push the boundaries on what drinks can and cannot be mixed together to come up with some interesting and often delicious concoctions.

Today, we’re looking at one of the most popular mixes in the world and one that I often find myself enjoying a little more than I should to answer the common question: Can you mix Jack Daniels with Coke?

You might be thinking, “Of course, that’s a classic!” But we’re here to delve a bit deeper, discussing not just the yes or no, but the hows, whys, and when to make this classic combination truly shine.

So whether you’re simply curious about mixing Jack and Coke or are looking to level up your drink-crafting skills, this post has everything you need to know about this timeless mix.

Let’s get into it…

Can You Mix Jack Daniels With Coke?

Yes, you can mix Jack Daniels with Coke. It’s a popular combination and is often called a “Jack and Coke.”

It’s usually made with one part Jack Daniels and three parts Coke, but this ratio can change depending on preference as we’ll discuss shortly.

It’s a simple cocktail that’s loved by many people around the world. Jack Daniels is a type of whiskey made in Tennessee, and Coke is a sweet, fizzy drink. When they’re mixed together, you get a sweet, strong drink.

Often served over ice and garnished with lime, Jack Daniels and Coke started to become popular in the United States around the 1900s.

three bottles of coke
Photo by Alessandro D’Antonio

During that time, it was common for people to mix different types of alcohol with Coke. Jack Daniels was one of the most popular choices because of its strong and unique flavor.

Jack Daniels and Coke is a super versatile drink and can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

You could experiment with different types of Coke (like Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke) for a unique twist.

There’s even a ready-to-drink version pre-mixed by the Jack Daniel’s company itself, for those who want the convenience.

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What Happens When You Mix Jack Daniels With Coke?

Think of Jack Daniels and Coke as a perfect team. They bring together the best of their flavors to create a unique taste.

The strong, slightly sweet character of Jack Daniels works incredibly well with the much sweeter, caramel-like taste of Coke.

The result is a balanced drink that’s neither too strong nor too sweet and is loved all over the world, for good reason.

Not only does the taste change, but the whole experience of the drink changes too.

The fizziness of Coke makes the whiskey smoother and more enjoyable to drink. If you pour this mix over ice, it becomes a cool, refreshing beverage.

And then there’s how it looks. Jack Daniels and Coke are both dark-colored, so mixing them doesn’t change the color much. But when you pour it over ice in a glass, it looks pretty good.

When mixed together in a glass, the Jack and Coke combine smoothly. Unlike some other mixes we’ve experimented with, when you take a sip, you get the flavors of both the Jack Daniels and the Coke at the same time, without one overpowering the other.

The carbonation in the Coke helps to distribute the Jack Daniels evenly, so each sip is consistent from the first to the last. And if you decide to stir it, the mix becomes even more seamless.

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What Is A Good Jack And Coke Ratio?

A good starting point for a Jack Daniels and Coke is one part Jack Daniels to three parts Coke. This means if you use 1 ounce of Jack Daniels, you would use 3 ounces of Coke.

This creates a balanced drink where you can taste both the JD and the Coke. But remember, everyone’s taste is different.

Some people might prefer a stronger drink with more Jack Daniels, while others might like it sweeter with more Coke. Feel free to adjust the ratio to suit your taste.

Below are a couple of other Jack and Coke ratios that you can try and experiment with:

  • 1:2 ratio (Jack Daniels: Coke)
  • 1:4 ratio (Jack Daniels: Coke)
  • 1:1 ratio (Jack Daniels: Coke)
  • 2:3 ratio (Jack Daniels: Coke)

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Is Jack And Coke Good?

YES YES YES! If you haven’t tried Jack and Coke yet, you need to. Its perfect balance of strong, slightly sweet whiskey and refreshing, fizzy soda, is a surefire crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re enjoying a laid-back evening at home or out with friends, it’s a classic choice that never disappoints.

The beauty of a Jack and Coke lies in its simplicity and the perfect harmony of flavors. Jack Daniels brings the distinct character of Tennessee whiskey.

It’s a little bit oaky, a little bit sweet, with a hint of vanilla and toasted wood. This bold flavor profile of Jack Daniels gives the cocktail its tasty foundation.

Then, there’s Coca-Cola. Coke is a universally loved beverage, known for its fizzy and sweet profile. When you mix it with Jack Daniels, it complements the whiskey perfectly.

Another important aspect to appreciate about Jack and Coke is its flexibility. Whether you prefer your drink strong or on the sweeter side, you can easily adjust the ratio of Jack Daniels to Coke.

This versatility is part of what makes Jack and Coke a beloved drink all around the world.

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Why Do People Drink Jack Daniels With Coke?

People enjoy Jack Daniels and Coke because it’s a mix that just simply works. The flavor of Jack Daniels, with its slight sweetness and hints of oak and vanilla, blends really well with Coke.

The result is a drink that’s strong but not too strong, sweet but not too sweet. It’s a balanced, flavorful drink that’s easy to enjoy.

Apart from the taste, Jack and Coke is also a simple drink to make and you don’t need any special tools or skills.

Just pour the Jack Daniels and Coke into a glass, and it’s ready. This makes it a good choice for gatherings or parties, or even just a casual drink at home.

can you mix jack daniels with coke
Photo by Marcel Strauß

The drink also has a bit of history behind it. It’s been around for a long time and is well-known around the world. Drinking Jack and Coke can feel like being part of a long tradition.

Different people might have different reasons for drinking Jack and Coke. But whether it’s the taste, the simplicity, or the history, it’s clear that this mix has a lot to offer.

Give it a try if you haven’t already!

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Final Thoughts

So, Jack Daniels and Coke. It’s a mix that just works and has for a very long time. The strong Jack Daniels and the sweet Coke come together to make a tasty drink that’s easy to make and enjoy.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, relaxing at home, or at a party, you can’t go wrong with it.

And the best part? You can make it just the way you like it. More Jack Daniels, more Coke, it’s up to you.

So, give it a try and see how you like it. Just remember to drink responsibly.