Mixing Drinks 101: Can You Mix Tequila And Beer?

can you mix tequila and beer
Joe | Last Updated: September 24, 2023
I'm Joe, a veteran bartender with over a decade in the industry and a burning passion for mixing drinks.

In this episode of mixing drinks 101, we’re tackling a question that’s bound to turn a few heads: “Can you mix tequila and beer?”

Maybe you’re a bartender, looking to shake things up a bit at your establishment. Or perhaps, you’re just someone who enjoys experimenting with different drink combinations (like myself).

Either way, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re breaking down the do’s and don’ts of combining tequila and beer, walking you through some recipes, and giving you a sense of what you can expect from the end result.

So if you’ve ever been curious about this combination, let’s get into it…

Can You Mix Tequila And Beer?

Yes, you can certainly mix tequila and beer! In fact, there are several popular cocktails that combine these two very different types of alcohol.

One well-known drink that features this combination is the Michelada.

Originating from Mexico, this cocktail usually involves a light beer mixed with fresh lime juice, a variety of sauces, spices, and tomato juice, topped off with a generous splash of tequila.

The final product is a tangy, refreshing drink with a bit of kick. I’ve tried this cocktail a couple of times in Cancun and have to say it’s GREAT.

But it does have a kick, so be prepared to feel a little woozy after two or three.

Another way to incorporate both tequila and beer is to simply serve a shot of tequila alongside a beer, also known as a “beer chaser.”

can you mix tequila and beer
Photo by Josh Olalde

This combo is often enjoyed by sipping the beer immediately after taking the tequila shot, allowing the flavors of both drinks to mix naturally in your mouth.

It also takes the strong taste of tequila away which is a nice bonus for some.

Another cocktail that combines beer and tequila is called a Submarino. This is another classic Mexican cocktail that can be found at many bars and is especially popular during celebrations.

The Submarino is essentially a tequila shot submerged in a beer glass, hence the name, which translates to “submarine” in English.

To make it, you fill a shot glass with tequila and place it at the bottom of a beer glass. Then, you fill the larger glass with your favorite beer, causing the shot to ‘submerge.’

When you drink it, you get a bold mix of beer and tequila in every sip. It’s not for everyones liking but many Mexicans love it!

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What Happens When You Mix Tequila And Beer?

When mixing beer and tequila, the result can be surprisingly delicious if done right, and it can make for an exciting drinking experience.

Tequila, typically a distilled spirit with robust, earthy flavors, can complement the more mellow, malty, or hoppy notes in beer, especially when mixed with other ingredients like lime or tomato juice.

However, from a practical standpoint, mixing tequila and beer also results in a drink with a higher alcohol content than beer alone, which can lead to faster intoxication.

This is because tequila is a distilled spirit with a much higher alcohol percentage, usually around 40%, while beer generally falls somewhere between 4% and 6% alcohol by volume.

Therefore, it’s crucial to remember that, while these mixes can be tasty, they should always be consumed in moderation.

As we’ve outlined many times in this series, mixing drinks can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing as you can easily overconsume.

So if you are planning on giving this mix a try, go easy and remember to drink lots of water.

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Is Mixing Tequila And Beer A Good Idea?

Absolutely, mixing tequila and beer can be a great idea when done correctly and in moderation.

This combination can create a cocktail with a truly unique flavor profile, adding a fun twist to your traditional beer or tequila drink.

It’s an exciting way to experiment with flavors and create something truly delicious that is sure to shock your friends.

And given the many different tequila and beer brands out there, the opportunities are endless.

Just be mindful of the fact that not everyone likes this mix, so be prepared to waste some liquor in the process of experimenting with tequila and beer.

It’s also important to note that because you’re combining two alcoholic beverages – one of which is a hard liquor with high alcohol content – the resulting drink will be stronger than your average beer.

This mix is not for the fainthearted and you may find yourself feeling a buzz sooner than you expect.

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Can You Drink Tequila After Beer?

Yes, you can drink tequila after beer. The order in which you consume different types of alcohol doesn’t affect your body’s reaction to alcohol.

However, as mentioned earlier tequila is much stronger than beer.

So while it’s technically fine to drink tequila after beer, the high alcohol content in tequila could potentially intensify the effects of alcohol and lead to quicker intoxication, especially if you’ve already been drinking beer for a while.

can you mix tequila and beer
Photo by Miguel Mesquitela

The saying “beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear” is more about the pace of drinking and quantity consumed than the actual order.

If you start with beer and switch to liquor, you might consume the harder alcohol at the same rate you were consuming the beer, which can lead to overconsumption and increased intoxication.

I can tell you from experience that this is not fun and the hangover is never worth it. Just be mindful of the strength of tequila and how it can intensify your drinking experience.

All while having a good time, of course.

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Final Thoughts

While the concept of mixing tequila and beer may seem a bit unusual to some, it’s a practice that has resulted in some creative and delightful cocktails.

From the vibrant flavors of a Michelada to the playful presentation of a Submarino, these combinations can certainly add an element of surprise and enjoyment to any gathering or even a quiet night in.

However, it’s crucial to remember the importance of moderation and responsible drinking.

Tequila is a high-alcohol spirit, and when mixed with beer, the result can blow your socks off if you’re not careful.

Pay attention to your consumption rate and always be aware of your limits. At the end of the day, experimenting with mixology can be a fun and enriching experience for bartenders and drink enthusiasts alike.

So, don’t be afraid to try new combinations and explore unique flavors.

Catch you in the next one!