Sunday Funday: Are Bars Open On Sundays?

are bars open on sundays
Joe | Last Updated: October 4, 2023
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So you’ve got Monday off work and want to treat yourself to a cheeky Sunday Funday, and what better way to do it than hit a couple of bars and sip a few drinks with friends?

But there’s one problem, the operation hours of bars and restaurants often change on Sundays to conform with local moral and cultural standards.

Ouch. Don’t panic just yet, there may still be hope!

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the opening hours of bars and answer a question that often comes up when discussing Sunday Funday; “Are bars open on Sundays?”

By the end of this post, you’ll have a thorough understanding of Sunday hours in bars and the different factors and perspectives that may influence whether or not bars are open on Sundays.

Are Bars Open On Sundays?

Yes, in most states across the US, some bars will be open on Sundays but they may have restricted opening hours and close earlier than usual.

Phew! Sunday Funday is possible after all.

All establishments are different and whether or not a bar will be open on Sundays depends on a number of factors, including the country/state, local laws, and cultural norms, as well as whether the bar owner wants to operate on a Sunday.

are bars open on sunday
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In some places, there are much fewer people looking to go to bars on a Sunday, so it doesn’t make sense for the bar to operate on Sundays and allows for a nice rest after a busy Saturday night.

There are also some states in which alcohol sales are restricted on Sundays, such as Utah, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Montana, and more, so it’s best to check the alcohol laws and norms in these states beforehand.

Sundays are generally considered the day of rest so some establishments close for the day, whilst others are open seven days a week to bring in as much revenue as possible.

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Are Bars Busy On Sundays?

Whether or not a bar will be busy on a Sunday depends largely on the bar itself and its location, as well as if they have any events taking place.

For the most part, bars are much quieter on Sundays as most people prefer to drink on a Friday or Saturday night, meaning they’re spending the best part of Sunday hanging over their toilet.

are bars open on sunday
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Whilst there is certainly a crowd of people that prefer to drink on Sundays, it’s generally not as busy as a Friday or Saturday night and may attract an older crowd.

No offense Sunday drinkers, I’m old like you too.

My advice would be to search for local bars and check the reviews, oftentimes you’ll be able to get an understanding of a bar is going to be busy on a Sunday from its reviews online.

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Do Bars Have Events On Sundays?

Yes, it is common for bars to hold events on Sundays to attract more people into the establishment on this quieter day.

Some bars may host live music on Sunday whilst others may host a comedy night or sports viewing, it’s all going to depend on the establishment and their schedule.

It’s common for establishments to have promotions on Sundays too for people who may be looking to unwind before the start of the working week.

Brunch specials, two-for-one deals on drinks, and extended happy hours are all common in bars on Sundays, so you may find your Sunday Funday cheaper than expected!


What Is The Busiest Day For Most Bars?

The busiest day for bars varies depending on the location and establishment, but generally, Friday and Saturday nights are by far the busiest night to hit the bar all around the world.

This is because people have the weekend off work and are looking to socialize and enjoy themselves, and it also gives them time to recover from the hangover before heading back to work on Monday.

are bars open on sunday
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But there are exceptions to this, with some bars being busiest on weeknights if they happen to run events or happy hours during certain periods.

It’s common across the US for workers to head to a bar after work for a drink or two before heading home, so if there’s a promotion on in certain bars this can make them busier during the week than it would on a weekend.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, YES, many bars are open on Sundays, but it does depend largely on the location of the bar and the bar itself as some prefer to close on Sundays to prepare for reopening on Monday.

Nevertheless, if it’s a Sunday Funday you’re looking for, you’ll no doubt be able to find a bar that’s open in most places around the world, especially in the US.

Sundays can even be a cheaper alternative to going out as many bars run promotions on this day to attract more customers.

But local laws, cultural customs, and the type of establishment will play a role in its opening times, so it’s best to check online before heading down to your local bar.

So whether it’s socializing with friends, date night, or simply craving a tasty beer, don’t let the fact that it’s Sunday put you off heading to a bar.

As always, drink responsibly and in moderation, and don’t drink too much if you have work tomorrow!